• Image of Tom Spoon's Fuck Vinyl cutout sticker (Limited)

The word fuck. So beautifully rude but clear.
You can shout it in full anger but whisper it in a breath of joy. It's four letters, amazing, and our parents all did it so why not celebrate this beautiful word. Stick it to your laptop, window, or lunchbox and let the world know it's fucked.

12 x 12cm
vinyl cutout sticker
in shiny silver or gold

1. Find a flat surface and clean it. The flatter the surface, the easier to paste the sticker, and the longer it will stick. Keep the area clean from dust and imperfections.
2. Peel the non-transparent back part off the sticker. This reveals the sticky part of the sticker and should be mirrored.
3. Apply the sticker to your preferred spot. Remove air in between the sticker and surface with a credit card or flat card shaped piece.
4. Achieve the most intense satisfaction by removing the transparent top part of the sticker.

Coming Soon